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Full-Stack Development Course

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The course is a comprehensive intensive programming course that covers a wide range of languages and tools such as JavaScript, SQL, Java, C#, Express.js, React, Spring, .NET, Git, Docker, Github, MongoDB, and others. The 10-month or year-long program allows students to dive deep into the world of programming and prepares them for a promising technical career. After successful completion of the course, graduates will be ready to enter the labor market as full-fledged developers and will be able to fulfill a variety of roles in the IT industry. The Codecool organization provides a job guarantee after graduation, so this course is a safe choice for young people who want to gain comprehensive knowledge and secure a promising career in programming. Participants must be over 18 years of age and have a good command of German, Hungarian, Polish or Romanian, as well as a good command of English at B2 or higher.
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