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Coding Bootcamp with money-back guarantee

220 pln.
The curriculum includes an introduction to coding, using the GIT version control system, learning HTML, CSS, front-end and back-end development. This course will help students master the key technical skills needed to develop functional and engaging websites. The course is designed to be hands-on, so students will be actively working on real projects and tasks. Thanks to the money-back guarantee, students can be sure that they will receive quality training, and if they are not completely satisfied with the results, they can get their money back. This approach demonstrates the organization's confidence and responsibility for the quality of education. In addition, students who successfully complete the course will receive a discount voucher that they can use for other courses or give to a friend. This course is a great way for anyone who wants to enter the world of programming and development and build a bright career in technology.
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Vienna campus (liechtensteinstraße)
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